Broadway Jake’s Karaoke

JakeBroadway Jake wasn’t always a staple of the Broadway at the Beach night time scene, he started out simply as Jake ; Born in Boston Massachusetts , raised in New England, and was more interested in playing instruments than mixing music or singing. President of his school band and a drummer since the age of 4, it wasn’t until his early 20’s that he realized he could actually carry a tune. Discovering Karaoke at 20 years old changed the way he looked at music. Most importantly he found out what a special network of friends karaoke brings from bar to bar.

Jake began finding it more gratifying to be providing the entertainment than being the entertainment. Moving to Myrtle Beach in 1997 and joining the Celebrations Nitelife family in 2000, opened Jake’s eyes to Dj’ing and Karaoke on a much grander scale than he could ever have imagined. ¬†Sixteen years and 12 straight “Best of the Beach” awards later you can find Jake 330 nights a year at Broadway Louies providing good times for all.

Jake’s DJ company, Broadway Jake Productions, has been servicing the grand strand for 15 years providing resort Dj’ing and Wedding Dj’ing. Broadway Jake Productions has had the distinct honor and privilege of entertaining and providing services for the likes of The President of the United States, Country and pop music stars, as well as multiple celebrities over the years. Jake’s amazing hosting and singing talent has brought him all over the United States and abroad from Cancun to the Bahamas.

But mostly your always going to find Jake in the same place you’ve seen him in for the last 12 years, standing on Broadway Louies stage waiting for you.. His favorite place to be.