DJ Gino

DJ_GinoBio3DJ Gino was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Upstate NY where he found a passion for music at an early age. Being a DJ was inevitable for Gino – he comes from a long line of family members who have lit up the turntables and thrilled audiences all over the East Coast.  He studied under many successful DJ’s and business owners. In 1995, he took all that he had learned and with the help of his sister he established “Sound Force Productions”  a mobile DJ and production company. Once he began there was no stopping him he took his success and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC to do what he loves on a larger scale.

Upon arriving in Myrtle Beach, DJ Gino visited all the nightlife establishments all over the Grand Strand and took note of the DJ’s and what they did in each one of the establishments. He knew that if he wanted to be considered one of the premier DJ’s in the Carolina’s he would have to work hard and perfect his techniques. He frequented Club Boca and Malibu’s Surf Bar to observe the DJ’s and learn from some of the most highly skilled DJ’s on East Coast.   He began working gigs at many of the popular nightspots in Myrtle Beach, he was on a rotation that taught him all the elements needed to be successful night after night.

Following in the footsteps of his family and Club Boca’s longest reigning resident DJ Bada Bing (aka DJ Gino’s DJ_GINObiobrother Joey) that dream has became a reality. All the hard work and years of refining his craft paid off and in 2015 he got his chance to audition for one of the Top 100 nightclubs in America . He was given the opportunity to join the Celebrations Nitelife team and since has been working with DJ Eyecon, DJ Jason and many guests DJ’s to provide the most electrifying nightlife experience night after night.

Since the start of 2016, DJ Gino is the resident DJ for Malibu’s Surf Bar and can be found nightly inside the shark’s mouth spinning all your dance party favorites. He also rotates on the ones and twos inside Myrtle Beach’s newest nightclub – OZ . He has a passion for what he does and no matter where DJ Gino is spinning he is providing the most memorable soundtrack to your night.

This is his legacy his destiny his dream!